About Copenhagen Centre for Health Research in the Humanities (CoRe)

Over the past several decades, the health of populations has become a central concern for Western societies, and the role of lifestyle is increasingly positioned as crucial in improving health. This focus puts emphasis on the need for a humanistic perspective on food, ageing, and lifestyle interventions.

Our research is connected to three large interdisciplinary projects, which centre on three main tracks: 

  • Lifestyle and interventions: We specialise in studying the everyday practices of activity and obesity, and the possible effects of lifestyle changes on human health.
  • Ageing and the life course: We research how ageing is practiced in different communities, and contribute with new welfare solutions and insights about ageing societies.
  • Food, diet and eating: We explore past and present practices, products, policies, and consumption patterns.

Within these tracks, we contribute knowledge that is grounded in everyday socio-cultural practices. With the use of ethnological and historical methods, our research bridges science, policy, and everyday practices, and thus works to improve the future health of populations.