Collaboration and impact

CoRe collaborates with a wide range of authorities, organizations, and private companies on various projects investigating health services, existing health practices, and opportunities for improvement.

We work with health research in the humanities based on a broad understanding of health and illness in everyday life and the organization of societies and institutions.

Often our project collaborations begin with writing the project proposals and funding applications together. This ensures that the collaboration is well thought out from that start and can create the best possible impact.

 We are always happy to hear from you if you have a suggestion for a project or if you would like to know more about our work.

Our cooperation with private companies in the research and development project Senior Practice

CoRe, in cooperation with numerous private companies in the financial and manufacturing sectors, has undertaken a major research and development project on late career.

Selected companies in the two sectors contributed their expertise at different stages and opened their doors to us to explore, among other topics, what being a senior employee is like and to scrutinise the challenges as well as opportunities of employees and management.

In addition to a report, the fieldwork resulted in prototypes for tools that can be used for improving job satisfaction among senior employees.

The companies have contributed to the ideation and testing of these tools; after a longer testing phase, the final tools are now ready for use. Several companies from the projects have implemented the tools and the knowledge generated by the project, and other firms in other industries have also adopted the tools.

Our cooperation with two different municipalities in the project Lifelong Oral Health

In the project Lifelong Oral Health, CoRe collaborates with the Department of Odontology (UCPH), Greve Municipality, and Frederiksberg Municipality, with the aim of developing relevant and implementable interventions to improve the oral conditions among frail elderly citizens.

In close collaboration with employees from the home care and nursing centers in the two municipalities, researchers from CoRe are conducting qualitative studies, focusing on how dental care is included in the daily work practice.

The combination of qualitative insights and clinical studies from the Institute of Odontology has increased the municipalities’ knowledge of the challenges in the area.

Based on this knowledge, the municipalities, in co-creation and close collaboration with UCPH, have developed initiatives to be implemented in home care and care centers.