FitMum: Fitness for good health of mother and child

This project studies the process, rationales and implications of lifestyle interventions to promote physical activity during pregnancy. The project explores the sociomaterial and complex practices of creating lifestyle interventions on a population group rarely studied in clinical trials.

Pregnant women working out in a gym in the FitMum project

The project is a qualitative substudy of a randomized controlled trial on physical activity during pregnancy named FitMum at Hillerød Hospital, Denmark.

The project is a transdisciplinary study involving both biological, physiological and ethnological perspectives on physical activity during pregnancy.


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The project has received funding from Trygfonden.

September 2018 - December 2021
Project manager:
Astrid Pernille Jespersen


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Following the pregnant women through and after the intervention with qualitative methods, these are the main research themes:

Pregnancy as window of opportunity

The Fitmum trial bases its efforts on the notion of pregnancy as a particularly promising period for implementing lifestyle changes. What are the implications of considering pregnancy such a window of opportunity for health and lifestyle changes? And what is important to take into account to assure robust and sustainable changes of health practices and habits?

Evidence and everyday lives

How is pregnancy and everyday lives managed and studied as part of the clinical production of evidence? And how does an intervention on physical activity interfere with everyday life and social relations outside the trial?

Health knowledges, practices and experiences

How is health knowledge acquired, negotiated and practiced by the participants during pregnancy, and how does the experience of participation affect the experience of pregnancy and practices of motherhood, health and everyday life?


















Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Astrid Pernille Jespersen Professor +4520972205 E-mail
Ellen Christine Leth Løkkegaard Clinical Professor +4548296249 E-mail

External researchers

Name Title Institution
Julie Bønnelycke Assistant professor Roskilde University
Dorthe Bille Artistic and administrative director The Science Theater (Videnskabsteatret)