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18 May 2015

Appetite for food

Appetite for food (in Danish: Appetit på maden) is a new research project based at Copenhagen Centre for Health Research in the Humanities (Core) and part of the CALM project at the University of Copenhagen. Through a qualitative study on older people’s experiences with meal service delivered by the Municipality of Copenhagen the project analyses the factors and elements that either support or limit appetite.

The qualitative study will explore the everyday lives of frail, home dwelling elderly, e.g. their preferences, and eating routines and deliver new insights into what strengthens the elderly’s appetite. The study focuses on elderly, receiving ældrekost (elderly diet) and menu for småspisende (menu for a poor appetite) through the municipal food delivery service: Københavns Madservice a la carte (KMS).

Appetite for food is funded by the Municipality of Copenhagen with 249.000 DKK. The project is headed by postdoc Tenna Jensen and associate professor and PI for the CALM project Astrid Jespersen. Research assistant, Liv Cæcilie Grønnow, is daily coordinator for the project.