Student cooperation

At CoRe we highly value collaboration between researchers and students. CoRe benefits greatly from the creativity and new ideas that students bring to the research center. And as a student at CoRe, you put your academic knowledge into practice in a diverse research environment and gain thorough insights into humanistic health research.

We would like to hear from you if you are looking to join an interdisciplinary research center and are interested in health-related subjects based on history and ethnology – e.g. ageing, welfare technology, illness, lifestyle, obesity and diet.

Ways of collaborating with us

Students can collaborate with CoRe in a number of ways:

  • You can be a research intern as part of your education.
  • You can complete an individual project in connection to our research as part of your education – e.g. the master's course etnologisk projekt (ethological project).
  • You can write your master thesis at CoRe.

Events for students

CoRe arranges lunch seminars where everyone who is interested in hearing about contemporary work within the field of humanistic health research is welcome. 

Other events hosted by CoRe, such as lectures and conferences,  are often open to students as well. 


You are welcome to contact us at if you are interested in collaborating with our researchers or have an idea for a project related to our research.