Network and affiliation

Most of our research projects are interdisciplinary, and we also collaborate with public and private partners. As such, we have developed a network that reaches across faculties, universities, municipalities, museums, NGO’s and companies.

We have experience in bridging different types of research interests, and we are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with partners working within our areas of expertise. 

We are engaged in interdisciplinary research projects with scholars from the faculties of Science, Health & Medical Sciences, and Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. We also collaborate with research groups and scholars nationally such as Aalborg University, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KDAK), University of Greenland, and IT University, as well as internationally, with partners at e.g. Durham University, University of Oxford, and University of Amsterdam. 

One of our main focus areas is our collaborations with municipalities such as Ishøj, Esbjerg, Copenhagen and Vordingborg. With this we ensure that our insights are not only rooted in the everyday practices of citizens, but that they are also reflecting the administrative and political level of the organization of everyday life.

In line with this, we also collaborate with patient organizations, organizations for older people and companies, in order to understand the shifting role of civil society in the current development of the Danish welfare state.

Based on these collaborations with, and engagements in, practice, we conduct workshops and develop reports and catalogues of ideas (see for example the report (in Danish) on our project Appetite for Food about food delivery services for older people in Copenhagen (pdf). 

If you are interested in working with us on a research and/or development project, please contact research support officer Mads Christoffersen, or Saxo Research Support Team,


If you have a PhD or a Master’s degree within relevant disciplines, and are looking for an affiliation at CoRe (either as an employee or as a visiting scholar), please contact research support officer Mads Christoffersen, or Saxo Research Support Team,

Open positions will be announced at 

For students: please read about our student cooperation initiatives.