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Nanette Bjerring Fournier

Nanette Bjerring Fournier

Research Assistant

In my current research, I am focusing on ageing, loneliness and social relations. I have a background in public health science, and during my studies, I have worked with both qualitative and quantitative methods, predominantly qualitative research. Furthermore, I have especially worked with and in the intersections between the ontologies and methodologies of different academic disciplines, for the most parts in relation to sociology, ethnology, toxicology and epidemiology. 

My main scientific interests are broad concepts of health (social, mental, physical), communication about health issues and how health is practiced, negotiated and understood in everyday life. I am specifically interested in this within the contexts of ageing, interdisciplinary collaboration and (science) communication. My master thesis was a qualitative study of loneliness among the elderly where I investigated the social relation between volunteer visitors (befriender/besøgsven) and the elderly being visited (befriendee/besøgsvært), and I have since continually concentrated on research within and closely related to this field.  

Primary fields of research

Aging, loneliness, social relations, health

Current research

Research project "Elderlearn - When frail older people become volunteers" ( 

ID: 182570781