Health in the Humanities seminars – University of Copenhagen

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Health in the Humanities seminars

Spring 2017

23 February, 12-13, room 12.3.07
Primary care in Poland after the fall of the Berlin wall
Presentation by Hubert Wiercinski, Warsaw University

29 March, 12-14, room 12.4.07
Science, Technology, and the Ageing Society
Presentation by Tiago Moreira, senior reader in sociology, Durham University.

20 April, 12-14, room 12.4.07
Food waste in Denmark and Sweden
Presentation by Sebastian Abrahamsson, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at CoRe.

11 May, 12-13, room 12.4.07
CoDesigning health promotion at the science center
Presentation by Julie Bønnelycke, Industrial PhD Fellow at CoRe and Steno Diabetes Center

8 June, 12-13, room 12.4.07
Ageing in the Arctic (AgeArc): Well-being, Quality of Life and Health Promotion
among older People in Greenland
Presentation by Tenna Jensen and Kamilla Nørtoft, CoRe